Are You Considering Hiring An Attorney,
But Don’t Know Exactly Where to Start…
Or Even What Questions To Ask?

What legal issue are you dealing with right now?

You probably have a thousand thoughts, worries and questions going through your head. What should I do next? How can I protect myself? How do I choose the right attorney? How do I make sure I don’t make any wrong moves?

How do you protect yourself?

Knowing a good lawyer is your best protection.
You learn everything you can about the legal issue you are dealing with, that way if you do talk to a lawyer you will be coming from a position of strength!

You’ll educate yourself, so you’ll know what questions to ask about your particular issue, so you can evaluate any attorney.

How to get started on this site?

Just skip down and scan the bold headlines below and choose the topic(s) you are most interested in and click…it’s that simple! This site is about arming yourself with the info you need so your next decisions are the right ones!

What if you need to act quickly and don’t have the time or patience to totally review this info right now?

Simple again … just give us a call. If what you see so far, gives you an inkling that we just may be different then other sites, then other attorneys–then give us a call right now and set up an appointment.

If between now and your appointment time you change your mind or have time to review more of our site, and for some unforeseen reason you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for … cancel your appointment! Just click on this link and e-mail us that you’ve changed your mind—it’s really that easy!
So let’s get you the info you need…

Have you been charged with a DWI, assault,
drug possession…or some other crime?

The first question you probably have is; what do I do now? Followed by, what is my next step, who should I trust; how can I improve my outcome … and exactly how do I find a lawyer I can believe in and who believes in me? Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about your specific legal issue and you’ll learn what to do … and what not to do.

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Important update: click here to read about recent changes to Minnesota DWI Law and ignition interlock devices.

Are you considering a divorce, dealing with child support, custody issues, spousal abuse…or other family legal matters?

All of these issues fall under the label “Family Law,” but that term certainly doesn’t portray just how different, difficult and devastating each one of these can be to your entire family. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about each one of these “family issues,” and exactly what steps you need to take to protect yourself, and your family!

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How do you find an attorney who stands out, who “gets it”, who knows how to put you at ease, not just because of their expertise, but with how they handle themselves, how they put you first–How do you find that person—especially if they’re an attorney?

You expect your “lawyer” to be an expert. You expect him to know the law and what steps to take to get you the best outcome—that all goes without saying. But how do you measure the intangibles, the traits that make a great attorney … a great person. How do you get that “feeling” from a website? Here we’ll do our best to show you what to look for, and give you a clear picture of what we are all about…so if you make the decision to hire an attorney— you’ll make one you won’t regret!

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