Criminal acts fall into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Felonies are the most serious levels of crime, and those convicted may face prison sentences of a year or more, Having a felony on your record will make things much more difficult for you in the future, and can bar you from landing a job or obtaining a loan.

Facing a felony charge can be stressful and frightening. It’s important you sit down with an attorney who will thoroughly discuss your case and your options with you, so you know exactly what you’ll be up against if your case is taken to trial.

Types of Felonies in Minnesota

Forgery, kidnapping, assault, controlled substance crimes, and murder just scratch the surface of the types of crimes the state of Minnesota recognizes as felonies. Even worse, some crimes not originally defined as felonies can be charged as a felony if the accused already has a prior conviction. In that case, something as small as possession of marijuana can be charged as a felony, resulting in steeper fines and longer imprisonment.

Minnesota Criminal Statute of Limitations

When someone commits a crime, a legal clock starts ticking for when a criminal prosecution must begin. This means there is a limitation to the length of time the state can wait before filing charges against the person suspected of the crime. What this means is that if the state tries to file a charge against someone after the time limitation, the person charged may be able to have the case dismissed. However, some crimes have no statute of limitations. For example, the kidnapping or murder of a victim under the age of 18 has no time limit, and the state can file charges at any time.

Don’t Discount the Value of Solid Representation

Felonies are serious crimes. A conviction becomes a part of your permanent criminal record, and can be accessed through public record. It can hurt you when applying to rent housing or applying for a job. Conviction will put you in jail and keep you away from your family. You will lose your right to vote and your right to carry firearms. Therefore, it’s important to speak with a good lawyer if facing felony charges. He or she can help you explore plea options or see if you have any grounds for dismissal. Time really is of the essence, so it’s important you contact an attorney right away.

Flakne Law has been offering criminal defense services to Minnesota residents since 1924. If you’re facing a felony, call our dedicated lawyers today at (952) 888-9304. Flakne law has been offering criminal defense services to Minnesota residents since 1924.

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